Tyke and Sons Lumber Co. will allow you to jump into a world that is full of fun things. This Fangame will not bring you to fear or any nightmare. There is only fun!

Tyke and Sons Lumber Co.

Tyke and Sons Lumber Co. Free Download

Tyke and Sons Lumber Co. will not be like other games you choose from the FNAF games collection. This one will be different, and it brings you more fun games than fear games. You can join the world of monsters, but they will never want to hurt you. All you need to do in this game will be build and play the minigame.

There will be many games for you to play and each one of them will bring you gold. Players can use this gold to make their game funnier. The battle will start when you enter a game, and you will need to claim your win.

Fangame will help you to win your game easier. Each time you come to the main base, you will be allowed to buy some new items for your base. This is the way for you to stay alive after an attack by the monsters.

Tyke and Sons Lumber Co. Free Download is fixed for you. Come and join all the collections we have!


By: Mixlas @Mixlas