The Special Birthday

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The Special Birthday is an open-world game that brings you more choice on what happens to your game. This horror game will allow you to wander anywhere you want and then get in a fight. That fight will be between you and other monsters, and they will be some spider, wolf, or your FNAF machines. This fight will help you to earn some money in the game and buy some good stuff.

The Special Birthday Free Download
The Special Birthday Free Download

We think this game aims to keep players more knowledgeable about the horror game we know than a nightmare. In this horror game, you also have to do some missions. The longer you play, the healthier you will get in this horror game.

Fan game download is where you can have this game. There will be more horror games on our mage next time. We will try to bring you all the free games we have and good luck to you players. This game is not going to be an easy game for you!

The Special Birthday Free Download is on to serve. Thank you!


by: Awxthority @AwXthority

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The Special Birthday