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If you are looking for a horror game to play alone or with your friend online. You may find one on our page name FNaF Game Jolt. This is the leading website that makes, posts, and fixes all games from the series FNaF.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is about a night guard who has to work at a closed restaurant. 

He not only has to face the dark, but he also has to fight with monsters living in it for his life. The game will be more challenging when the Player enters the doom mode. That is where everything goes red. The building, the monster, and the night outside also have a red color. To survive, you must find out the secret of this mysterious place.

There will be a lot of danger on your way, but you may solve them if focused. We have different characters in this game, from Mario, Wario to Sonic and other surfaces. 


At first, you need to make sure you have a mobile or tablet that runs Android. IOS device is not supported, so you can’t find this game on App Store or any page to provide a match for IOS.

FNaF gamejolt is a big website where you can find any game belonging to the FNaF series. You can also make some games and post them on this page. All of them are for free, and you can also play them on Pc for more experience.

My advice when playing this horror game is to maximize your volume and wear headphones. The sound and graphics of these series games are incredible. 

Five Nights at Freddy’s sometimes asks you to connect to the internet for a new update. You can also give some comments for fixing bugs and other access errors. New games are coming every day so remember to check out for updates, don’t miss the chance to experience a fantastic horror game.

FNaF fan games can be the best choice for you. Make sure you check out our page and update the new game. Have fun playing. There are so many games you can play and enjoy in Five Nights at Freddy

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