The End at Freddy’s

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The End at Freddy’s is a free download FNAF-based fan game. Enter a dark restaurant and get ready to fight against all the scary animatronic there!

The End at Freddy's Free Download for PC

The End at Freddy’s

Similar to the original franchise named Five Nights at Freddy’s, your story will occur via security cameras. It takes place in a local pizzeria designed in the vintage style.

It’s an entertaining destination for families in the daytime. But, it can turn into a creepy location at night.

Unfortunately, it’s the building where you work as a security guard. In which, you are forced to protect yourself from roaming animatronics.

To become the winner, you must stay alive. Night 1 will start at 12 AM and end at 6 AM. However, your challenge won’t stop that.

Download The End at Freddy’s free and you should not forget the existence of tools in your room! They allow you to deal with dangerous situations.


by: Khalood @Khalood

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The End at Freddy’s

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