Stop Bullying 4 (Not a joke game) | (Official) [PAUSED]

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Stop Bullying 4 (Not a joke game) | (Official) [PAUSED] will also be about you and your five nights in a horror place. We will send you some information about this place. It will be full of machines that have been out there for a long time. When you meet some people here, they could be the NPC, and they can help you know better about this version.

Stop Bullying 4 (Not a joke game)

This game will ask you to stop bullying other machines. They look human too, so you need to be good to them. But it’s too late for you to fix this; now they want to kill you for what you did to them. You wake up and find yourself locked in here with them. They will soon come and play with you. From now to that moment, you need to stay alive over all the challenges this game throws at you. FNAF Games will send you moreover and over time.

Stop Bullying 4 (Not a joke game) | (Official) [PAUSED] Free Download is fixed for you. Do you want to taste this horror game?


by: BubyGamer11 @BubyGamer11

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Stop Bullying 4 (Not a joke game) | (Official) [PAUSED]

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