Sister Location: Custom Night (FAN-MADE) Clickteam Edition

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It’s free to download Sister Location: Custom Night (FAN-MADE) Clickteam Edition! It’s a horror FNAF fan-made game where you must survive if you’d like to win!

Sister Location: Custom Night

About Sister Location: Custom Night (FAN-MADE) Clickteam Edition

It’s a strategy game inspired by a product of Scott Cawthon, FNAF: Sister Location.

It allows the players to know how Custom Night looks like in Sister Location (SL).


Similar to the fifth installment of the FNAF series, it takes place in a dark building. In which, you will work as a technician.

While moving around rooms to repair and maintain machines, you are also recommended to avoid animatronics. They are possessed. They can grab, kidnap, and destroy your body.

These robots look weird and dangerous actually. You’d better stay away from them or block them from getting close to you. It’s best to stay alive at the moment you end up the night shift.

There are some devices or tools and abilities or guides that you can rely on. They are great to help you finish your job and level up safely.

Sister Location: Custom Night (FAN-MADE) Clickteam Edition is an incredible game that is free to download. It’s time you enter and perform your talent!


by: Designumm @Designumm

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Sister Location: Custom Night (FAN-MADE) Clickteam Edition

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