One Night at Flumpty’s 4 Fan-Made

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One Night at Flumpty’s 3 Fan Made free download lets you play with a character with a funny look.

One Night at Flumpty’s 4 Fan-Made

This is a nice game with a simple gameplay mechanic. It was created by a fan and it features funny stuff to explore. Instead of being horror like the original Five Nights at Freddy’s series, it lets you play with a character that has a funny appearance. His name is Flumpty. The appearance of it is like an egg.

Before you play it, make sure you learn this is not the sequel to the One Night at Flumpty series. Hence, you will have a new experience once you have downloaded it. Flumpty is ready to play with you. There are many areas that you can play with him. Every area seems to contain a certain mystery that you need to figure out. So, you make your way through those areas to uncover all of them. At the same time, you must prepare some strategies in case of jumpscares. You still need to be careful with your surroundings. Once you have uncovered all mysteries, you will win.

One Night at Flumpty’s 3 does not come with sophisticated graphics, it is still worth your try. Join it for a fun yet mysterious adventure!


by: Jonathan_T @Jonathan_T

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One Night at Flumpty’s 4 Fan-Made

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