Night Horrors

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Night Horrors, which is for free download here simply by a click, is an interesting horror game that is inspirited by the official FNAF, one of the best horror games all over the world. The game is a perfect choice for those who want to have incredible experiences with animatronic robots.

Night Horrors Free Download
Night Horrors Free Download


In the game, you will put yourself into the shoes of a watchman who is hired to work at the night time. Your workplace is an incomplete Five Nights At Freddy’s museum. It is a great destination for customers coming with animatronic characters as the main attraction. They are very cute and friendly during the day but at night, something becomes abnormal.

During your work shift, things begin to go wrong when you realize that an animatronic robot goes missing. What you must do is to try your best to locate the override keycard in order to keep yourself safe from horrible nights.

The game especially brings the players a fantastic first-person free-roaming experience with animatronic characters. However, one noticeable thing is that this game contains loud noises, jumpscares, and flashing lights that may disturb your mental. If you have any problem with any of these horror elements, please consider the game.

Feel free to download Night Horrors here and start things off in your own way.


by: AlessandroGen @AlessandroGen

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Night Horrors

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