FREDBEAR: The Beginning of The End

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FREDBEAR: The Beginning of The End, which is for free download here, is designed to be one of the most enjoyable horror games. Taking inspiration from the FIAF series, the game definitely does not waste your time for any reason.

FREDBEAR: The Beginning of The End download for pc
FREDBEAR: The Beginning of The End


This time, you will be able to experience a creepy story that brings you back to 1980. This year, the concept of the restaurant using animatronic characters unexpectedly becomes a famous trend that attacks many customers.

Especially, Fredbear and Friends are believed to be the newest trend for the company. This brings Fredbear’s Family Diner to be the spotlight. Definitely, it promises to be bigger with more characters, more spaces, more rooms to respond to the need of customers.

Having a larger budget, Fredbear Entertainment decided to carry out more Springlook costumes. Furthermore, they also make smaller animatronic characters that have the ability to satisfy customers of all ages.

What bad things could happen next? What is the true role of animatronic robots? Are they used to entertain customers and that’s all?

Don’t hesitate to download FREDBEAR: The Beginning of The End for free and continue to discover the rest of the story. Are you able to stay alive from dangerous animatronic robots or you will face a bad ending?


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FREDBEAR: The Beginning of The End

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