FNaF: Halls of Horrors

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Play FNaF: Halls of Horrors Free Download as a man trapped in a creepy building. Your goal is to escape from the place and animatronic characters.

FNaF: Halls of Horrors

FNaF: Halls of Horrors

Halls of Horrors is a game based on Five Nights at Freddy’s. It’s set in a haunted and dark restaurant in the local.


From the office, you are able to roam through one corridor and crawl through the vent.

Keep moving forward if you leave the room!

If you enter an empty area, you can survive and continue.

If you visit a spot containing an animatronic, you can be killed.

There are various game modes such as Endless, Escape.

Minigames will open while you are walking around. If you lose in these playfields, you will head to the next room. If you win, you will gain a reward and can skip some rooms.

FNaF: Halls of Horrors is a scary game of “trial and error”. It’s free to download!


by: Hunter Towe @Hunter_Towe

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FNaF: Halls of Horrors

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