Five Nights With Mr. Hugs (& Friends)

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Five Nights With Mr. Hugs (& Friends) is considered to be the best replacement for the fans of the FNAF series but they miss the original game for any reason. Let’s get started to download it for free here.

Five Nights With Mr. Hugs (& Friends) Download for PC
Five Nights With Mr. Hugs (& Friends)


The game is where you will fall deeply into a creepy story that centers around Freddy Fazbear’s bakery. It is a great place who those who want to enjoy beautiful and delicious cakes. In fact, this location mainly takes responsibility for delivering cakes for Fazbear restaurant. Furthermore, they also make cakes to meet the need for personal parties with the aim of earning more benefits. However, because the air system has broken down, this bakery wants to hire a janitor who can vacuum the filth. That is the reason why you are working here.

But you should know that you have to be careful with the danger of the self-aware vacuum cleaners. They tend to be evil and roam around the bakery for unknown reasons. Especially, they will suck up everything. As a result, whenever they approach close to you, you force them to instantly drive them off to protect yourself.

Moreover, you have to keep the door close to the surveillance cameras. Your monitor will have a charge limitation so you need to clean the room about 80% before finishing your work shift or else the bakery will fire you.

Download Five Nights With Mr. Hugs (& Friends) for free here.
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Five Nights With Mr. Hugs (& Friends)

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