Five Nights at Sonic’s Support Required

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Five Nights at Freddy’s is a series of games about the haunted restaurant. The owner of this place came up with an idea to build a machine and serve their customer. At first, these machines do just what they were taught to do. But then things go in a wrong scary way. They start to kill other people just for no reason. The owner has no choice but to shut this place down. And the story begins to be written.

Five Nights at Sonic’s Support Required free download tells a new story about the journey of a man. He works as a security guard of that place. At night he hears a noise coming from everywhere. But there is nothing without the machine. It’s time for your play to begin. Find out who or what is doing this. And make sure your other life is safe and sound.

FNaF download supports players from all around the world. You can check out for more updates when the time comes. There will be more FNaF fan games from us, so stay and play!


By: Pixel_Dev @DecaRedStrike

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Five Nights at Sonic’s Support Required


Five Nights at Sonic's FNaF Download Freddy’s Support Required