Five Nights At Not Sonic’s

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Five Nights At Not Sonic’s free download tell you a big accident about the restaurant where you will work. You are a night guard working only five nights. At first, this seemed to be a good chance for you to earn more money. But eventually, things go in the wrong way, and you start to regret your own decision.

This horror game has the same story as the Five Nights at Freddy’s original. But the gameplay has been adjusted a little bit. You will have less time to find the way out of this mess. There will be some notes for you, so don’t skip anything, or you will never get out of this. You can see many familiar points belong to FNaF fan games in this horror one. There will be more for you, player!

This game also has FNaF download support. Try to get the newest one so you can have more experience. Good luck and have fun playing, and the party is waiting for you right now!



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Five Nights At Not Sonic’s


At Not Sonic’s Five Nights Freddy’s