Five Nights at Creeper’s 3 is a series that brings you some monsters with the block design. They will not look the same as other Five Nights at Freddy’s nightmares you saw.

Five Nights at Creeper’s 3

Five Nights at Creeper’s 3 Night 1 beta Version: 0.1.0

Five Nights at Creeper’s 3 is a game that is based on the main big FNAF game. You will have the same story as all the other games. The players will have to stay in this place for five nights and fight with some monsters.

The first monsters that we bring you in the original version will be in this one too. These monsters will jump right in your position and then explode. This is the only way for it to kill you so if you want to live. You better keep your distance and run away when you see monsters like that. There will be many of them, so you need to stay focused on your eyes. You will never know when these Five Nights at Freddy’s come to you. And there will be no way for you to avoid facing it on the final night. We will give you some toys that you can use to fight with them.

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by: Rhadamus @Rhadamus