Eddie and the Misfits

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Eddie and the Misfits have completed their game, and now you can have the full game version. Fangame will allow you to play this game along with some other players.

Eddie and the Misfits

Eddie and the Misfits Free Download

Eddie and the Misfits is an old story from the horror night guard. He worked at this place for five days, and now he gets mad. If you take a closer look at him, you will see all the main things about him sound true. But you will need to come to that place if you want to know the truth. Does he lie?

This story will go on until one of the main gameplay of you ends up with a loss. You will need to kill any of these monsters. They will show you the story of the game more clearly. In this game, you will need to stay alive for five long nights. And then when the sun comes up you will have some time to run. But this run does not escape from this place. You need to run and then find some items. They will help you to kill the monsters you see in the gameplay of Fangame.

Eddie and the Misfits Free Download is fully loaded for you!


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Eddie and the Misfits

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