Dragon Ball Z: Legend of Z RPG is a fighting game, and you will be one of the heroes in this game. Your fight will happen between you and another fighter. They all have some special skills and techniques. If you want to win this game, you must follow the instructions then you need to learn new skills.

Dragon Ball Z: Legend of Z RPG

There will be a ton of new combos in this game for you to learn. Once you have learned all the combo, you can defeat all your opponents. Along with other gameplay, you can download the online mode and play with other people. A free game from a Fan game!

This game has an offline mode where you can make your campaign and solo play. In this mode, players can choose whichever hero they want and then train them. This game has no boss, so your mission will be to defeat all the heroes on the list.

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by: OmegaMagnus @OmegaMagnus11DA