Dayshift at Pepperoni 2

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Quickly download Dayshift at Pepperoni 2 for free here and you will be able to have incredible experiences.


This time, the game will bring you to fall in-depth into a creepy story that takes place in Freddy’s Pepperonerie. Actually, it is a fantastic location for customers coming to eat delicious meals. At the moment, the place wants to hire you to work on the day shift. Instead of working at night time, you now will take responsibility for the day but it still brings you unbelievable experiences. Your job is to put on a mascot suit. But notice that this suit can kill you any time so be careful. In addition, you also take responsibility to clean the floors, repair robots, and other required jobs.


The game brings us the following unique features to give a better experience for the players.

  • The game offers a greater dialogue window
  • Bigger maps for players to enjoy
  • The player will make the keyboard control rather than the crappy mouse control.
  • The game consists of 3 levels: Flashback, Dayshift, and Mini-game.
  • Many more endings
  • A greater plot
  • Several challenging tasks to do during the day shift.
  • And more!

Don’t hesitate to download Dayshift at Pepperoni 2 for free here and enjoy it in your own way.


Dayshift at Pepperoni 2 Download for PC
Dayshift at Pepperoni 2

by: Pato Fanático @Pato_Fanatico

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Dayshift at Pepperoni 2

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