Dark Deception

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Dark Deception Free Download For PC is a creepy story-driven adventure game by Glowstick Entertainment. It features many characters to play!

Dark Deception

The game shares the same gameplay mechanics as Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. It could consider the FNaF series as a source of inspiration too. However, the visual looks of all characters in this title are way scarier than the animatronics in its predecessor. Therefore, the game takes the horror game genre to the next level.

It focuses on a horror adventure in which you have to fight off all creepy characters that are coming after you. You found yourself trapped inside a scary place with many strange things around. The only way to survive here is to run away from the creepy stuff. So, you must stay calm and make your way through the facility carefully. You can hide and avoid them all. Also, you must not let them hear your breath, or, they will defeat you. Once you have found a way to escape the darkness, you will win the game.

Here are some creepy characters you will encounter in the game:

  • Bierce
  • Malak
  • Murder Monkeys
  • Agatha
  • Gold Watchers
  • Dread Duckies
  • Clown Gremlins
  • Reaper Nurses
  • Lucky the Rabbit
  • Hangry the Pig
  • Penny the Chicken
  • Trigger Teddies
  • Mama Bear
  • Mannequins

Dark Deception challenges your strategic and surviving skills through a scary adventure. Download and try it now!


by: Glowstick Entertainment @GlowstickEntertainment

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Dark Deception

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