Chica’s Party World: Out of the Dark

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Chica’s Party World: Out of the Dark is highly recommended for those who love Rookie’s “Chica’s Party World.” Due to the well-received of the Rookie’s Chica’s Party World, the author decides to make this game to bring players incredible experiences. Now quickly download the game for free here.

Chica's Party World: Out of the Dark
Chica’s Party World: Out of the Dark

Mainly, the game is developed and released as an official continuation for the Rookie’s “Chica’s Party World.”


In the sequel, you will play the role of the main character in a thrilling story. Two years after the unfortunate events of the death of Detective Parker of the Chica’s Party World, the authorities eventually decided to discontinue the investigation and declared that the case is closed. Nonetheless, something incorrect starts to happen behind the scenes. And now you will take responsibility to approach the Chica’s Party World with the aim of getting out of the underground labyrinth.

Once you go into the Chica’s Party World, you will have a feeling that someone seems to wait for you. And you force them to find out who are they. This time, you will play together with Chica, Balloon Boy, and Foxy as well. Remember to keep an eye on them and attempt to protect yourself from attacking these animatronic robots.

Don’t hesitate to download Chica’s Party World: Out of the Dark for free and enjoy the game.


by: Rookie Games @RookieReviews

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Chica’s Party World: Out of the Dark

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