Breaking the Magic

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Breaking the Magic is a scary game made by a fan of the horror survival Five Nights at Freddy’s. Download the new FNAF fan game and flee from monsters!

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It is a playfield set in a dark building – an old museum, in a forest next to Disney World Park. It is a creepy place.

In which, your character was heading until he could ship the truck over and deliver the toons. But, the means has met an accident and he has to fix it. The process can prolong for a week.

In that location, there are many different creatures rejected. They will be opponents that can kill him once their hand touches your player.

How to play

You need to help him escape from those crazy beasts and survive. It’s best to block those enemies from catching him.

As in Five Nights at Treasure Island, it’s essential to make use of devices carefully. Cameras and the flashlight are good to push some of them back.

Breaking the Magic is not a continuation of the original concept. But, it has more at this time. It’s important to find a strategy and protect yourself! There are numerous stages and you should stay alive to level up and run away sooner.

by: Squeaks D’Corgeh @SqueaksDCorgeh

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Breaking the Magic

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