Baby’s Nightmare Circus 2

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Baby’s Nightmare Circus 2 is about a place where some machines work like humans. You can have your joy here, but one day, something has taken over the control of these machines. And they start to kill other people, but you have stopped them from doing that. This time you come back and want to end them all one time for all.

Baby’s Nightmare Circus 2

You will have an office to stay in there and watch the camera for any weird movement. But this office will only keep you safe from the other monster for a few hours. Then you need to get out of this place and find some items. These items will help you to stop them from hurting you.

They are the main character of the Fan games. So you will have to fight them in most of the FNAF games. More games are coming to you, so wait some more to have the best game for you.

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Baby’s Nightmare Circus 2

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