Welcome to Fazbear’s Carnival!

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Welcome to Fazbear’s Carnival! Free Download is a point-and-click horror video game with the base of scary, creepy and violent elements. This game was developed by XSessiveMarina with the full inspiration of the original game Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Welcome to Fazbear’s Carnival!

The game is new and just at its early stage, but not because of that has the game become less attractive. It has a sharp and cool graphic with impressive colors, more animatronics – about 16 ones, more mini-games to enjoy. And all the things in-game keeps its scary visual appearance, which seems so cool.


Welcome to Fazbear’s Carnival features the carnival where the animatronics are used for attraction. Players will work as a maintenance technician who has to make sure the proper use of each animatronic. Soon, once the night comes, the cute-on-daytime robots turn into dangerous species with mysterious behavior and actions. They become bloodthirsty and ready to attack any alive human. Players and the partner named Peter is in their sight!

Don’t let them approach by checking their status regularly with a camera system and flashing at suspicious points near the room. Once screams start on their jump scare, the game is over. Survive five nights there from 12 am to 6 am, the case is closed.


by: XSessiveMarina @XSessiveMarina

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Welcome to Fazbear’s Carnival!

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