Visiting Fazbears – PUPPET COMBO inspired game Free Download will need you to end the machine’s puppet life. Visiting Fazbears will keep coming and try to end your life in one single hit.

Visiting Fazbears – PUPPET COMBO inspired game Download is a horror game for players who want to play alone. This game will bring you challenges and missions that you can complete by yourself. There will be nothing too hard in this game but the final night. That will be when you need to give all your effort to win and survive in this game.

Visiting Fazbears – PUPPET COMBO inspired game restaurant:

This will be where you have to stay and work for the following 5 nights. And if you complete your mission here, you will have an extra night.

That night will come with a new boss. Fight that one, and you shall complete this game. The night brings you nothing but fear and danger.

There will be some tools that you can use to fight monsters. Players need to collect them when they wander around the building.

Five Nights At Freddy’s download:

This will be a game for PC players. And you can also download it for your mobile. But that version is now ready. Downloading updates will make your fun bigger and better!


by: TheDanieru @TheDanieru