TubbyLand Return Rebooted

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TubbyLand Return Rebooted Free Download is an extra installment in the Five Nights at TubbyLand. Its information is not supplied too much, excluding the layout of the game’s setting.

On Jan 2nd, 2018, the developer explored that the entirety of the files regardless of the game’s development had disappeared, store for character models, and several atmosphere models. This caused the cancellation of the game, and development will no longer be preceded.

Sum up

Occurring as soon as after the events of the initial game you have been left in a super-realistic location contained with weird habitual characters. However, there is something disparate.

The game occurs as soon as after Five Nights at TubbyLand, and before the events of Five Nights at TubbyLand 2. You will take a role as Parker Anderson from Five Nights at TubbyLand one more time. The gameplay occurs in a dream.


The player would be capable of rotating free and entirely in the office, being capable of turning around entirely in one direction and turning back to a particular angle in the office without being forced to access a flashlight that could be switched on/off, along with a screen to see the building via the cameras.

The author has confirmed that per of the four enemies would have to change mechanics.

Po will roam around the building from the camera to another before getting into the office, where then she will stand in an incidental placement in the office. Gazing at her too long will lead to the death, thus the player will have to prevent doing such to defense her. Toggling off the flashlight, nonetheless, will entirely remove her danger, at the vision in the office and the cameras.

Laa-Laa will try to come near the player via the door in the office, probably adhere to a linear way. The player will have to utilize a “lure” mechanic in the cameras to defend her.

Dipsy will come near the ventilation pillar in the office, and when he came here, the player will have to keep the door closed until he leaves. Once being detected in the cameras, he will instantly conceal from vision and will no longer visible again until he leaves. This asks the player to bear in their mind where he is to be aware of him.

Tinky Winky will not be capable of seeing in the cameras, just viewable by a low crying sound once seeing his placement. Similar to Dipsy, he would come near the vent and will have to be locked out by keeping the vent closed until he moves.


These are some aspects in terms of TubbyLand Return Rebooted Free Download that we would like to show you. Get the game and challenge your bravery with the most famous horrifying game in the world.


by: Soultron_ @TheRealSoultron_

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TubbyLand Return Rebooted

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