Those Nights at Rachel’s

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Those Nights at Rachel’s Download will be on our page, and so the instruction to download and install it. If you have any questions about this game, just contact us in the comment. We will try to help you the right way. And about this game, it is a horror game we have updated for a long time ago. But with all the adjustments, it finally came to the perfect version of it.

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Those Nights at Rachel’s bring you an open world where you can wander around to explore the restaurant. This is where your opponent lives, and they are machine puppets. They may look funny, but they are not, and they even speak our language.

All they want to kill you, and they will never give you a chance to escape from their claw. That is the story of Five Nights at Freddy’s horror game series. In much different game FNAF versions, this story has been changed and made a new one. A player will have to try harder to win the game, and there is no guild.

By: Nikson. @Nikson_Official

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Those Nights at Rachel’s


Rachel's Those Nights