The Withereds Manifest

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The Withereds Manifest Download is a good start so that you can own this game on your Pc. We have added some instructions so you could have more help on downloading this game. There will be some other ware so players could have the best gameplay.

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The Withereds Manifest is about some monsters that challenge you by their minigame. You must win the game to pass those monsters, or they will hunt you forever. Players in this game also need more skill to win because these minigames are more challenging than you think they will. We also give you many different machines, and each one will have a unique minigame.

There are a lot of ways to win this game, but in Five Nights at Freddy’s, the only way is to defeat all the machines. Then the door to the everyday world will once again open for you. This Fan game has been updated and changed by some adjustments so players could learn more about the game. You can customize your office and take anything you need to fight against these monsters!

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The Withereds Manifest


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