The Ultimate PSFC Night

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The Ultimate PSFC Night is a mashup game of the PSFC series. It’s a free horror game to download and experience with dozens of animatronics!

The Ultimate PSFC Night by ARRELIS @Arrelis

There are two editions.

Classic Edition – it is the original 2018 release. It contains 48 animatronics.

Revamped Edition – it is the brand new expanded 2020 release. It introduced 106 animatronics, custom challenges, with custom offices.

Like Five Nights at Freddy’s, you will choose antagonist characters before pressing the Go button. Each of these enemies has a different movement pattern. But, they have the same goal.

To become the winner, you must prevent them from attacking you.

Aside from that, remember to select their difficulty level from 0-20.

The Ultimate PSFC Night provides numerous challenges and a lot of rivals to explore. Just download any version that you want and embark on your new job! Always defend your space and your life for survival!


by: ARRELIS @Arrelis

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The Ultimate PSFC Night