The Twisted Carnival (FNaF fan-game) is a new game from the FNAF series. In this game, you will have to face your fear with some monsters from hell. They make your night better, worse, and all they want is to kill you.

The Twisted Carnival
The Twisted Carnival

Players will have to try their best to win this game. You can also find some mini games in this one to play. These games will give more information about these monsters, and some of them can help you win the main game.

FNAF games always aim to give you more fun in playing horror games. We add new characters for you and give more mini-games for your choices. You can have the best experience in this game when playing the hardest mode. We will also give you more games to play. Remember to check for updates needed so you can get the best fear in this game.

The Twisted Carnival (FNaF fan-game) Free Download is easy to do. You can have this game for free. I hope you get the best game!


By: Galva_ @Galva_

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