The Sullivan Story: Treasure Island

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The Sullivan Story: Treasure Island free download is one of the strategy games inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. Free download the new challenge and fight against lurking evil creatures!

About The Sullivan Story: Treasure Island

There are many downloads that you can find when you connect to the present FNAF fan game. The first version is Five Nights at Treasure Islands 2: Before Disney. The next one is Memory Maze. Then, you will have a Demo before you get the existing official release.

Each of them will give you clues about the story that you are joining. In which, you must defend yourself from every monster for survival.

How to deal with your rivals

These enemies know how to hide in the shadows and attack you suddenly.

It’s not easy to spot them through screens.

Besides, they can move around the location while you cannot leave your seat. They have different movement patterns.

Their weapons are jumpscares only. Once you see one of them, it means that you lose.

Download The Sullivan Story: Treasure Island free and you can test your survivability alone. There is no support from any buddy. Try to rely on the available devices and manage the power carefully!


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The Sullivan Story: Treasure Island

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