Each game has its attraction to the player, The Sea Shift at Austin’s 2 has a secret. That is the reason why this game could make people interested in the story or gameplay.

The Sea Shift at Austin's 2 Free Download
The Sea Shift at Austin’s 2 Free Download

There are many ways to stay alive in this game. One of them is to mind the teddy—the one who wants to hurt you in the beginning.

Monsters will hide and wait in rooms. It would be best if you found the way out of it before monsters can find you.

They also trap in the room to catch monsters if they want to hurt you. Set the trap smart to stop them before they can reach you.

The Sea Shift at Austin’s 2 free downloads for the player, so it doesn’t shine to try it now. Secrets are waiting for you to discover them and survive through night or day. Use objects that you can find and the camera to watch out for their movement.

Thanks for your conser. See you in the room player, remember “you never be alone!”


Developers: TakoByte @TakoByte

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