The Freddy Files

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In this FNaF fan game and many other games, you need your headphones with you. The best experience will happen when you face monsters and demons living in those puppet bodies. They eat your fear and drink your blood to satisfy their hunger.

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Many players have asked for a better version of this game because too many bugs need to be fixed. So the Five Nights at Freddy’s horror Verizon have been designated and released for players. You can play this game no matter where you are and if you have an online connection or not. But players better have an internet connection because there will be more convenient.

We have supported the best experience for players by The Freddy Files Download. In this feature, players can get their game faster; they need to log in to our page to catch their game. We also support download updates for this game so that you can have more support: no more bugs and no more game errors. The Freddy Files is ready to serve players; come and get your game!


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The Freddy Files


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