The Diner

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The Diner is definitely what you are expecting. It mainly aims to bring incredible experiences for the players with many interesting things. Don’t hesitate anymore to download the game for free here simply by a click.

The Diner Download Free

Essentially, the game still stays true to the basic plot of the official FNAF series but it has its own attractions. In the game, you will take the role of a watchman who is hired to take responsibility for the security in the night time. You will start working at 12 am and finish it at 7 am.

Your job is to check the security cameras in your office and observe what happens around the establishment. You need to watch out for the safety of equipment and facility, as well as notice the animatronic robots. You should know that these characters are abnormal at night. They will roam around the building and find someone. Consequently, if you see any of the robots suddenly appear, you have to drive them off, stay away from them, and protect yourself if needed.

In the game, there are sound effects, loud noises, and jumpscares that may make you jump. If you are vulnerable to any elements you should consider playing this game.

Let’s get started to download The Diner for free here. Can you survive until 7 am tomorrow?


by: SubwooferX3 @Samboogle

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The Diner