The Banana Splits: Serial Silliness

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The Banana Splits: Serial Silliness Free Download sends you to Skylines Warehouse & Shipping. This will be where you start your game battle with Five Nights at Freddy’s.

The Banana Splits: Serial Silliness is now open for you. But you have to follow us first. That will ensure you get the update you need.

The Banana Splits: Serial Silliness

This version will bring you some new things, and you might feel very loved. These new things allow you to have more fun. Such as:

New menu backgrounds

This is new, and you will see this when you start the game. This change will not affect anything of the game. But with these new backgrounds, your game will look more fun.

Six new skins:

There will be some new skins you can get from the shop. You need to buy them first and then wear them on for your machines.

This will be better than the old version when you only have one skin for all monsters.

Online leaderboard:

This is fun when you can compete with other people and challenge them to beat your scores.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is free for you to download on PC and mobile. You can have more fun on that page!


Upload by: Fazie @FazieFunbear

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The Banana Splits: Serial Silliness

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