Sweet Dreams

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In this version of the most popular horror game, you can see different characters and graphics. They all have been improved for the only purpose, to make players scared. Sweet Dreams contain nightmares but in a light mode. You can play this game without any help, but you need the right mind to solve all the questions.

Sweet Dreams Free Download
Sweet Dreams Free Download

In Five Nights at Freddy’s, you have to be a nightguard or a curious guy. You decide to jump into an old restaurant and explore the whole building. But that was the biggest mistake that you make in your life. There are many things in this place waiting and hope to see people who so dumb to enter their cave. One gets in it very hard to get out of this place.

Sweet Dreams free download for the player on pc gaming. We don’t have a pocket version for mobile yet but hope it will soon be released for you. Call some friends and challenge these monsters to beat you. Play as hard as you can!


By: Luiske @Luiske

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Sweet Dreams


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