Project Readjusted 3

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Project Readjusted 3 will be the game you need for your PC. This game will lead you to a new story where you need to fight with monsters and dangerous creatures. In this game, you will be a man who works for a mystery team. This team tried to take back some wonderful and valuable data from some machine that has been lost for a long time.

Project Readjusted 3
Project Readjusted 3

These machines were last seen in an old factory. This place is where some ghosts exist. Even when you are very scared but you need that data for your job, you have no choice but to get in that place. And terrible things happen to you right away. This story is a little different from the original Five Nights at Freddy’s game. But we think that what players need to make their game feel alive and real.

Project Readjusted 3 Free Download will also be updated to help players can download this game more easily. We will give you some tips for this gameplay, come and get them!

Project Readjusted 3 Screenshots

By: Mechlus @Mechlus

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Project Readjusted 3


Project Readjusted 3


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