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Project-Glowstick Free Download will bring you a new map. And this map will allow you to explore the biggest secrets of Five Nights At Freddy’s. Free and safe for PC!

Project-Glowstick for PC will be that one game you need to try and have fun with. This game will send you to a new map. And this will also be where you start your battle.

Project – Glowstick story:

You will be the one who needs to explore all the mysteries here. There will be no one to stay along with to help you.

This story starts when you and your friend decide to have dinner in a weird restaurant. When everything seems to be okay. The manager decided to give you a special show.

The show will be run with machines, and they seem not to be that cute. You want this show to end, but it is too late. You wake up and see no one is there with you.

The only choice for you right now will be to fight, and a fight will keep you alive one more night.

Five Nights At Freddy’s allow download for PC:

This will be a free game for your PC. Updates will soon be delivered to you!


by: JoeOneKnows @JoeOneKnows

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