Project Animatronic (Official) Free Download

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A year after the first site closed, the company decided to build a new site called “Freddy and Friends Pizza Palace“. In order to fulfill this intention, they began collecting the remnants in the first place, including a few spoiled animatronics. They take the animatronics away to repair and spare them. The manager has called the animatronics creator to work at night to look after the animatronics. But the creators know that night is when the animatronics are at work. That scared her. So she put the cameras and a few more to protect herself.

Project Animatronic Free Download
Project Animatronic Free Download

You will play the role of the creator of the animatronics and take over her work. It is not an easy job!

How to play?

In Project Animatronic Gamejolt, animatronics can roam at night with strange actions. They can even come close to you and cause you death if you let your guard down.

You have a monitoring system and some simple tools to help combat animatronics attacks. One thing for you to be aware of is that they can appear at any time with unpredictable dangers. They are jumpscares, and their mission is to destroy you!

Are you ready to enter the world of Project Animatronic (Official) Free Download? Good luck!


By: freddyfazgamer @freddyfazgamer

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Project Animatronic (Official) Free Download


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