Post-Shift 2

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Post-Shift 2 tells you the story about the Compare Toys. This is a company that makes mechanical toys for children and even adults. They move and talk like humans, they are very friendly, but that is what the producer tells you. Only some of them are the same as what they say, and the rest are different.

In the game from Five Nights at Freddy’s, you can see all the monsters living under the toys or puppet shells. They act friendly to get close to all the humans and, for exactly, their target.

For when you get close to them, you will see nothing but the blood and fear they give you. You will be a night guard, and your work ensures nothing happens to the toys at night. But who knows, maybe they are the one who guards you. All you have is yourself and a camera to watch for movement.

The Post-Shift 2 Free Download button will bring this game to your PC. Let’s take a quick look and tell me what you think!

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By: Rjac25 @Rjac25

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Post-Shift 2


Post Shift 2