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POPGOES + POPGOES Arcade is a wonderful game set that can make any indie games’ fan fall in love. Go for POPGOES + POPGOES Arcade free download for PC.

When Kane Carter announced that game would be published in 26th June 2016, everyone just becomes very interested and waiting for it.

In 1st January 2019, the POPGOES Game Jolt hit 1 000 000 views which are quite amazing. You may wonder the reasons how they keep their reputation for more than 3 years (can will be even longer), then this post will give you the answer.



POPGOES + POPGOES Arcade is a wonderful set of indie games including POPGOES – the main attraction and POPGOES Arcade – a full mini arcade experience.

POPGOES was known as a huge Five Nights at Freddy’s fangame. They released some teasers, answers for some questions from customers, information on news updates and two trailers over the span of its development before it’s bound to be published in June 2018 (after over one year in development) as POPGOES Finale.

POPGOES Finale is an official send-off to the POPGOES series, according to Kan Carter – the creator of POPGOES. We all knew POPGOES 2 – a reprinted project which has been canceled before, so POPGOES Finale gives us three mini-game experience from it. This game is a collaboration between Kane Carter (mentioned above), LSFDevelopment (creator of Super FNaF) and some other developers who contributed to POPGOES reprinted project.

You should follow a certain order to have a good gaming experience: POPGOES Arcade > POPGOES > POPGOES Arcade 2 (released in 8th April 2017).

POPGOES + POPGOES Arcade – Featuring

Here are some features of POPGOES + POPGOES Arcade:

  • Full soundtracks available with new songs updated frequently
  • Attractive, mystic story
  • A lot of teasers and trailers available
  • Interesting art style

The Bottom Lines

This game is a very interesting set of games that offer a lot of impressive gaming experience, especially with ones who fall in love with indie games even for the first time seeing.

Go for POPGOES + POPGOES Arcade Free Download For PC and enjoy its interesting features. Additionally, we have POPGOES Creator Pack including a giant collection of assets, instructions, references and bonus content of POPGOES series.


by: Kane Carter @KaneCarter

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POPGOES + POPGOES Arcade – GameJolt

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