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POPGOES Finale (CANCELLED) Free Download is considered as a delayed video game. In other words, it is a pixelated-style side-adventured game authorized and advanced by Kane Carter and LSFDevelopement.


The game is a complex experience of three entire mini-games from the POPGOES 2/Reprinted project. On June 27th, 2019, the author has been launched the initial demo.

Story line

The game is the following section of The Popgoes Pizzeria – a Five Nights at Freddy’s fan-made game loads. Once Simon leads the game, Sec-Strings attempts to communicate with WeaseWare. With the rest power, Fritz Glade – a token of life pops up. In the game, Fritz attempts to give a load of String via an option of memories to insert and end up the story of the POPGOES series. Particularly, these memories are his painful and secret past.

Play POPGOES Finale (CANCELLED), you get the opportunity to get a nice pixel artistic environment. Moreover, the extra chiptune soundtrack is catchy. The game is continuously updated, too. Bear in your mind that this is not a horrifying game since there are no longer dying or jumpscares, etc. you will not lose anymore. Your key mission is to roam and get the story in.


  • Alt + Enter to turn fullscreen
  • WASD for motion and option
  • Up/W or down/S to interact with stuffs
  • Space to get out/interact with 3D scenes
  • ESC to give it up

These are all aspects in terms of POPGOES Finale (CANCELLED) that we would like to show you. Get the game and experience what it could supply.


by: Kane Carter @KaneCarter

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