POPGOES Arcade 2 + POPGOES Memories

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POPGOES Arcade 2 + POPGOES Memories are the two separated applications that are made bases on the famous FNAF horror game series. They are available for free download to your PC here.

POPGOES Arcade 2 + POPGOES Memories

They are two completely different applications and can be installed separately. However, they are released at once and related to the other. POPGOES Arcade 2 is the teaser game of the POPGOES Reprinted and POPGOES Memories is the memory card application that shows all characters’ information in POPGOES Reprinted.

POPGOES Arcade 2 is an arcade game that is made with the animatronics from the original game series. The game features the kings of four lands, who have been corrupted by a virus, you will be playing as JJ, who decides to rescue him.

POPGOES Memories, on the other hand, is not a game, it only gives users information about the animatronics of the upcoming POPGOES Reprinted. You will only find words and pictures in this application.

Those two applications are released as teasers for POPGOES Reprinted, a large game that is the combination of POPGOES Blackrabbit and POPGOES The Dead Forest. However, it has been a canceled project and had never been released.

You can use those applications separately, however, as they are interesting just by themselves.


by: Kane Carter @KaneCarter

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POPGOES Arcade 2 + POPGOES Memories

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