Pocket Fighter EX

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Pocket Fighter EX will give you many characters to choose from. You can make your fighting better and easier by training your skill in the arena. There will be an easy mode for you to try and build your combo. This game only runs offline, so there will be no other players challenging you. We will help you play online in the next version of this game.

Pocket Fighter EX Free Download
Pocket Fighter EX Free Download

In this game, you can also select the story mode where you can play and follow the tale of the game. Players can know better about the existence of all characters and then find a way to defeat them.

There will be many skills and techniques you need to learn in this Fangame. You can ask for someone to play with you in the 2P mode. Sharing your keyboard with other players is the best way to play this game.

Pocket Fighter EX free download is very simple, and it will be free and be supported for new players. We hope you can make more support on our page. Good luck!


by: MarcDWyz @MarcDWyz

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Pocket Fighter EX