Painted Gold

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Painted Gold Free Download will allow you to download this game for your PC. And this version will bring you four different machines from the Painted Gold world.

Painted Gold for PC is not that scary. But you will have to pay a lot of time to win this game.

We only have five nights for you to play. But these nights will bring you more fear than you have ever asked for. The more you play, the better you will know about this game.

Painted Gold features and story: 

About the story of this game, you will be the staff here. And your job at first will make people feel comfortable. Things seem to be okay to you and your guest. But when the night comes, things change weirdly and scarily.

You will have to put on the machine’s suit and explore this restaurant. At night, there will be nothing similar to you here.

There will be some machines that have been abandoned, and they will come to you too. The only way for you to end this nightmare will be to find out the mystery of this place.

Painted Gold download will be free for you on the website. And you can download this one from CH Play too!


by: MidaGames  @MidaGames

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Painted Gold

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