One Week at Flumpty’s Fan-Made

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One Week at Flumpty’s Fan-Made is a new game that brings players more choice. There will be many kinds of monsters you need to fight with. Some of them look weird and act weird too. You must stay awake to know what they are aiming to do and the best choice for you.

One Week at Flumpty's Fan-Made
One Week at Flumpty’s Fan-Made

In this horror game, you must fight with not only one but many monsters. Each one will bring a unique fear to you, and there will be some chance for you to beat them down. But players need to catch their chance to act and escape from monsters’ claws.

This FNAF game is about some monsters that live in a horror room. They try to lead some humans to this place and take over their bodies. All they want is blood, tears, and soul. You will never know what could happen if you give them all these things.

There will be some help for One Week at Flumpty’s Fan-Made Download. Players can have this horror game for free now!


By: Sipliy_makasin @Sipliy_makasin

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One Week at Flumpty’s Fan-Made


Fan-Made Flumpty's One Week