Liam’s Attack on Titan fan game is what you need to have a more wonderful experience in a horror game. You will be a leader of a team, and all your members are trained hard to kill monsters. They not only have good skills in fighting but they also have a lot of knowledge about monsters. Your job leads them to victory and kills all the monsters you met on your way.

Liam's Attack on Titan fan game Download Free

This is a Fan game and has no much scary screen. All you have to do is fight and fight to win this game. Monsters in this horror game are plentiful, and players need to take their time to kill all of them. We will add more monsters to this game soon, and players can use more techniques to win.

If you are looking for a horror game that allows you to make more fights and train your skill. Come to this game to know what battle and fighting is. Liam’s Attack on Titan fan game Download is free for your PC.


By: LiamUpton @LiamUpton

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