Joy and me: blind despair

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Joy and me: blind despair Free Download brings a gift of horror- the evil wooden doll. You fight, and be the last survivor in your beloved home.

Joy and me: blind despair Free Download offers a great, and challenging gameplay. You will fight some creatures in your beloved house. The battle is not easy to end, and strange creatures are everywhere. If the peculiar animals “smell” you, then the battle begins.

You are a good kid in the family. Your parents raised a wonderful birthday present for you. But the wooden doll is extraordinary, and it attacks you while your parents are working. You must try to survive and find a way to stop the evil wooden doll. A true horror story, and you must defeat the evil wooden doll.

Joy and me: blind despair offers a great horror experience. The battles will be fierce. You have no rest, and everything ends when you destroy all the monsters in the game.

The player needs to explore all the rooms. Each room will always have valuable items, such as a camera. The camera can help you to monitor the night and check the movement of the evil wooden doll. Download and experience the great game in the spirit of FNAF!


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Joy and me: blind despair

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