JOLLY (FNaF Fan game)

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JOLLY is the fan-made game that is made inspired by the famous FNAF horror game series and the famous fast-food franchise, Jollibee. It can be downloaded for free on any PC system.


Like other games of the FNAF series, JOLLY features rogue animatronic robots that become active at night without being turned on by anyone. In this game, you will be facing the familiar animatronic characters from the famous Jollibee fast-food franchise, Jolly the bee and his friends.

You will be playing as the night guard at Jollibee and discover that there are unusual behaviors of the robots at night. They not only wander around but also try to attack anyone they see. You later will find out that they will stuff anyone they see into themselves to collect their spirit.

You will need to survive 5 nights against them without being seen, as there is no runaway mechanism, being seen by them means that you die. You will only have simple equipment for surviving such as cameras, switches, and doors.

JOLLY is said to be made based on the Sister Location game of the original series. Download the game now for trying the endless fear of playing in your familiar restaurant.


by: IvanG @IvanG

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JOLLY (FNaF Fan game)

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