The first book of the new comic book, “Fazbear Frights” came out that inspired the developer of Into the Pit: Lights Out [ON HIATUS / PAGE UPDATE SOON] Gamejolt. In this game, you will enter a new place. It is Fazbear’s Magic Pit- a place filled with joy and magic.

Fazbear’s Magic Pit will be a place for kids to have fun in the ball pit area as well as have the chance to enjoy the best pizza in the whole city! But remember, before entering a restaurant, please read the safety rules carefully because the restaurant will not be responsible for any damage or damage that occurs.

Into the Pit: Lights Out Free Download
Into the Pit: Lights Out Free Download


Your role in Into the Pit: Lights Out [ON HIATUS / PAGE UPDATE SOON] Free Download is a night watchman at a restaurant. You will have to protect this place, which means that you should be sure that no harm will happen. Besides, you also have to protect yourself well against strange things that will happen, sometimes even attacks. It is not easy because you will not anticipate anything. Survive and complete your quest for five nights!


You will experience the following in this game:

  • 5 Playable Nights.
  • Extras.
  • “Fun in the Pit” Mode (appear after completing Night 5).
  • Cutscenes.
  • Easter Eggs.


By: PitStudios @PitStudios

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