Inside My Head: Part 1

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Inside My Head: Part 1 Free Download brings you the big dream and fantasy of a psycho man. Let us take you to this FNaF fan game and show you the details inside it.

About Inside My Head: Part 1

Inside My Head: Part 1 download is getting finished. You can download this game and also get the needed upload.

Main Story:

In this game, you will be Evans. This man used to work for the Freddy Dinner restaurant. After a week of being trapped in here, he comes out and looks like an animal. No one knows what happened to this man then and now.

Inside My Head: Part 1 starts when you are on the first night. And the game will continue to bring you all the night after that.

But they all will happen inside your head. This could be the imagination, and it could also be what your life will become.

The only way to make it out of this dream is to fight and fight with your imagination.

FNaF fan-game will bring you this free game and all the following instructions about it. You will soon win it and become the winner of horror Evans’s life. Come and let us take you to this world.


by: NidiGames @NidiGames

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Inside My Head: Part 1

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