HYPER Custom Night

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HYPER Custom Night is a new game coming from another handmade fan game. This one has all the features you might need to improve your game. Also, in this horror game, you can choose which monsters can live in your game. Players can make the map they want to play and add all the elements they need.

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Once you get into this game, you will soon see the game has been made in the best way. It gives more experience on hearing the sound and seeing the monster and detail. When you finish your job to make monsters, the map will start, and you have to run right away.

This game does not give players a place to hide; all you can choose is to run and then take some time to find clues. Those clues will help you to win this Five Nights at Freddy’s game.

HYPER Custom Night Free Download is easy; we can help you with that if you need it. Some other Fangame will also be provided on our page.

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By: M & B Games @GarbiGames

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HYPER Custom Night


Custom Night HYPER